Let 3R Develop Engaging Professional Development Days For Your Staff

Our mission is to empower educators and school districts with personalized  professional development that addresses their specific needs and goals.

We make professional development days captivating and engaging with content tailored to your staff's needs. Our team will collaborate with administrators to develop and present courses your staff desires to learn more about. This customization ensures that your team is presented with professional development topics that align with your school district's requirements. 

As part of our unique approach, all our courses center on creating Emotionally Responsible and Accountable Classrooms (ERAC) by developing sessions educators crave to learn more about. 

Below are some topics we offer for Professional Development hours that benefit your teachers.

Trauma-Informed Education

This session equips you with a deep understanding of how trauma affects brain development. We provide reliable strategies to create a supportive school or classroom environment that fosters success. 

Enhancing Social-Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Recognize the significance of understanding your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to better support students' emotional growth.

Effective Classroom Management

Implement proven strategies to proactively address discipline issues, leading to increased instructional time and a more conducive learning environment.

Dyslexia Training and ADHD Awareness

Expertise in recognizing the signs and symptoms of dyslexia and ADHD.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Embrace AI's presence in the classroom by exploring its potential impact while also acknowledging ways to use this powerful tool responsibly. 

Comprehensive Lesson Planning

Acquire techniques to ensure that lesson plans are coherent, well-structured, and meaningful for student learning outcomes.

Mindful Movement

Engage with our certified Yoga Instructor for Education to integrate simple techniques into daily routines that aid in emotional regulation and promote calmness for educators and students.

Sound Sessions

Understand the power of sound therapy and its influence on the learning environment and performance outcomes. Our certified Sound Therapist offers insights on utilizing sound alongside Mindful Movement to benefit all students

What our clients say about us

"Working with Angel and 3R Educational Solutions has been a transformative experience for our teachers in our rural Missouri school...3R's commitment to supporting excellence in education is not just inspiring, but a beacon of hope for the future of rural education."
"I learned a lot about a connection between mental health and education. I also feel like PD this year helped me with objectives writing for my classroom."
"The Trauma Informed segments were really great. I learned how to handle my students' situations better."