Instructional Training

Keeping and retaining quality teachers is vital for school districts to thrive. Our instructional coaches team up with your teachers to give them winning strategies on how to enhance and elevate their classroom environment. 

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We are here to create new excitement for educators

Teacher retention is critical for school districts. To help keep the cost of hiring and training new teachers down, 3R Educational Solutions offers individual instructional training to revitalize and encourage educators to stay in the classroom. 
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Saves Money

According to recent studies, hiring and training new teachers can cost school districts up to $20,000 per teacher. 3R Educational Solutions can help eliminate that cost with customized instructional training that enhances a teacher's experience in the classroom so they feel motivated and prepared. When you hire our team, you also don't have to worry about a salary or benefits, freeing up much-needed money for your budget.

Eliminates Pressure

When veteran teachers are pulled from their classrooms to help newer staff members, school administrators must find sub teachers to fill that vacancy. Our  instructional training program relieves that pressure by training and focusing on staff members who desire personalized 1:1 attention throughout their day. This allows your veteran teaching staff to stay focused on their students, while we focus on others within your staff. 

Quality Content

Customized instructional training brings a new perspective on classroom strategies that need to be fixed. Our team can help teachers refine and adjust their strategies to align with the goals a school district sets out to accomplish each year.