Angel McNabb Staley

  • Founder of 3R Educational Solutions
  • Social Emotional Learning Instructional Coach
  • Certified Trauma Informed Educator
  • NME Certification 
  • Certified Specialist in Education 
  • Classroom Management and Assessment
  • Certified Yoga Instructor 

  • "Having trauma-informed classrooms does not mean 'no accountability'. It means just the opposite. It means structure, understanding, and HOW to be responsible. We desire to teach kids that they make a choice on how their day is going to go."

Education is my passion. From my first teaching job in 1999 I knew the classroom was where I belonged. Throughout the years, my focus shifted from teaching students to teaching teachers. I thrived on helping educators implement Social Emotional Learning routines into their own classrooms. I witnessed 180-degree turn arounds within classroom dynamics by using these techniques. I wanted other phenomenal teachers to have the same life-changing solutions I discovered through SEL training. 3R Education Solutions was born to give teachers the solutions they need. Solutions that are real, relevant, and reliable. Each course I've designed is guided toward helping educators reach new potential in through a Trauma-Informed lens. The techniques and tools I've discovered are keys to bringing more balance within your classroom structure. I've been a teacher. I am a teacher, and I know the struggles all teachers face daily. I created 3R to meet teachers where they are today. You won't find fads or gimmicks with our team. Our sole purpose is always to provide strategies and resources that are REAL, RELEVANT, and RELIABLE.

Cassandra Luppens

  • BFA Music Education
  • Sound Therapy Certification

    "My aim is for educators to step into their classrooms with the tools to ensure every child doesn't just get by, but truly flourishes, regardless of their circumstances. I want teachers to feel empowered and confident in handling any situation that comes their way."

      Music is the cadence of my beating heart. From piano lessons as a child to studying opera in college, my love and fascination with music struck a chord on career day when I decided to pursue teaching. My professional journey in music education opened my eyes to the fantastic world of what it means to have a Trauma-Informed Classroom. Through my own classroom experiences, and a lot of studying, I've discovered how significant sound therapy can be to calm a frenzied classroom and bring harmony to a student's heart. I dived head-first into the beautiful realm of Sound Therapy to craft easy-to-digest courses other educators can use to calm the cadence in their classrooms. And guess what? You don't have to know the difference between a Legato and a Staccato to use my techniques; my Trauma-Informed based courses offer solutions for all K-12 educators, no matter your musical background. 

      Words we live by

      “Be the energy you want to attract”
      -3R Eduational solutions team